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What To Look For In Calgary Wills Lawyers

Finding Calgary Wills lawyers can be a difficult task. Here are a few things we do that set us apart from the pack.

We Keep Our Fees Simple

It is common for Calgary Wills lawyers to charge hourly. On the other hand, our flat-rate fees cover nearly all Wills, Personal Directives and Enduring Powers of Attorney. This is more predictable and easier to understand than lawyers that charge hourly. It is also more straightforward than working with non-lawyers that may steer you towards high-cost institutional executors and trustees and leave you with much larger fees for you to pay out of your estate.

We will only charge an additional hourly fee for unusual requests or family situations that need extra work. Then we will tell you what those charges will be before you proceed.

Our Processes Have Been Refined to Perfection Over 30+ Years

Over the years, we have refined our Wills, Personal Directives and Enduring Powers of Attorney and we will prepare for you the same types as we use for our own families.

Unfortunately, Calgary Wills Lawyers often have to go to court over small mistakes made in Wills prepared by people on their own or prepared by other non-lawyers. These mistakes cost families many times more than it would cost to have a professionally drafted will prepared by a lawyer in the first place. With our 30+ years’ of experience, time-tested processes and expert advice, you can be sure that we will eliminate these mistakes before you sign instead of leaving your family to deal with them long after.

Lawyers are required to do our due-diligence before preparing your will. This avoids a lot of problems that we see in Wills drafted by non-lawyers. These problems can cost families many times more than our flat-rate prices for Wills.

We Give Comprehensive Advice; Not Just Documents

You can have a perfectly fine will but if your affairs are in a mess, you will still be leaving that mess, and more, to your family. We will advise you in how to organize your affairs, your financial accounts, other properties, and your legal documents, outside your Wills themselves. The cost of all that advice is included in our flat-rate prices.

How to Get Started

Call us now at 403-291-2594 to schedule an appointment or fill out our simple online form.

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